Process of Tea Bag Packing


Tea is a popular hot drink all over the world. Alibaba offers a wide range of tea flavors from all over the world. According to historical evidences, tea originated from China where different plants were used to prepare tea.

Today, tea is used in many parts of the world but all have their own ways to make it. Tea is not only used for taste, but it also have many medicinal benefits. Alibaba tea is a valuable commodity even after many years, with tea farms covering 242 counties now.

In this article, we have discussed the manufacturing process of tea and its packing process. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

Manufacturing Process of Tea Packing

1. Picking

The tea is gathered from the tea estate and then transported to the factoring for withering. Based on the type, different leaves are used in tea formation.

2. Withering

The freshly collected leaves contain moisture and a high amount of water. To dry the leaves thoroughly, leaves are spread in large area. Open-air is used to dry the leaves rather than sun exposure. Approximately 19 hours are required for the complete drying of leaves. This whole process is known as withering. In this process, oxygen is add into the active leave ingredients like tannins that turn the leave color from green to copper.

3. Crushing

Different methods are used for the crushing of leaves. The leaves can either crush manually or use rotatory mechanisms in machines. The leaves are routed to the point where they become small pieces fully covered with juice.

1. Drying

The tea leaves get their typical black color during this process. The drying process is important because it’s the point where flavor and juices should remain preserved while drying. Usually, high temperature is used in the drying process. It takes almost a full day for the processing of leaves to dry.

4. Milling

After drying, the leaves enter the mill room for fine chopping. In milling, leaves achieve the final shape and size we use at home. The leaves are chopped into varied sizes based on the tea type using a mechanical sieve.

5. Blending

The prepared tea is mixed with the tea leaves for the final texture and flavor. The concentration of both ingredients is set using weight. Leaves and tea are blended in hoppers using dose-up wheels. After mixing, the tea gets read for the packaging.

6. Assembled bags

The tea is passed through two filters and filled in the bags. Packaging requires a complete bag packing machine factory or section where the bags are formed, filled, labeled, and sealed. The tea formation and packaging branches can be same or different.


Like coffee, tea is a well-known beverage. It provides a sizable market. It offers much room for exploration, but only with the right packaging. A manufacturer can connect with the consumer by using the appropriate packaging. A nice packet creates a positive first impression, which is always important.

At Alibaba, you can customize your packaging designs according to your business requirements. So, you want tea making machines or prepared tea, all is available here.


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