Into the World of Gambling Machines


Unless you’ve successfully lived under a rock, gambling machines is something you would have either seen or heard about. These days, they are mostly found in casinos and entertainment shops. The machine is an interesting way to have fun, while attempting to win some money. The article takes a look at what these machines are and how they have become famous.

What are Gambling Machines?

Gambling machines are those types of machines that create chances of winnings for customers. It gives the customer a 50% chance of winning or losing. A good example of a popular gambling machine is a slot machine.

Brief History of Gambling Machines

In 1891 two men by name Sittman and Pitt of New York Brooklyn city invented the first gambling machine that was a precursor to the modern gambling machine (slot machine). The machine was based on poker. It had a total of five drums containing 50 cards. It became very popular and was in every bar in the city. People would put a nickel inside and pull the lever and hope to win. In those days there weren’t any payout mechanisms. They would use the cards to either give free beer or free cigars.

Between 1887 and 1895 a man named Charel Fey of San Francisco invented a new gambling machine which gave automatic payout of 10 nickels (50cents). It was later banned in California. After that more gambling machines were invented and more will still be invented.

Types of Gambling Machines

There are different types of gambling machines. Some of the most popular types include:

Single coin machine

These ones are rare to find. They are not more profitable and are seen in some older or less established casinos.

Buy your pay slot machines

These machines are a bit tricky but not too hard to play. As the name implies you win as a pay. It needs 2 or more coins to get a win and even if you use 1 coin and get a win it won’t pay you. This machine isn’t found everywhere but it’s still a good way to practice your gambling skills.

Multiple payline machines

This gambling machine offers more than one payline for customers to boost their actions and play more. The player puts more paylines or slots in order to win big. That is not the case Every Time but it doesn’t hurt to try. Each game has a different payout ratio which is determined by the manufacturer.

Wild play machines

This gambling machine gives the player multiple winnings and it’s the most fun slot to bet on. It opens bonus features that multiply your chances of winning.

Multi game machine

This gambling machine is more fun than wild play. It allows the players switch to a different game without leaving the machine.

Touch screen machine

With the introduction of touch screen, it has made the gambling world more exciting as players can easily touch the screen to play which is seen on the shelf or board of the gambling machine making the player comfortable even while playing.


Gambling machines are very fun to play with. Next time you see one be sure to give it a try; you never know if you’ll win big. It can be addictive, so try playing with money you can afford to lose. However, bring your lucky winning streak to ensure you win multiple times.


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