Choose the Right Kitchen Faucet-Tricks and Tips You Must Follow


The kitchen sink is the most prominent part of a kitchen, and its location, design, size, and style must be aligned with your overall kitchen and home decor. Alibaba kitchen faucets provide convenience, but in today’s modern kitchen, especially in a clean kitchen, it speaks highly of the aesthetic sense and sophistication of the user. If you are looking for the right kitchen faucet, worry not! This article is going to help you to find one.

First, you have to choose the color and size of the faucet depending on your home decor and sink size. Then you have to look for design and convenience features. Here we list some important features to consider while buying a sanitary wares faucet for your kitchen.

Operating Features

Valves are attached to the faucet to operate it. You use them to control the flow and temperature of the water.

Ball Valves

A single ball-shaped valve is attached to the base of the faucet. This ball-shaped handle can be moved to 360 degrees to set desired temperature and water.

Cartridge Valves

The cartridge has many vessels and allows the control of temperature and water flow even with a single handle. The cartridge can be replaced easily when the faucet is leaking.

Ceramic Valves

A ceramic valve is also known as a disc valve as it has a built-in ceramic disc that controls temperature by right and left movement of the valve and water flow by up and down movement of the valve. Such valves can be repaired easily by replacing the disc.

Compression Valves

These are conventional and old-school valves, with two handles and the flexibility of turning to all sides. They can be blocked when water pressure is high or low. When out of order complete faucet is to be replaced with a new one.

Functional Features (Holes and Height of Sprout)

Single-Hole Faucets

It comes with either a pull-out faucet feature or a separate sprayer. The pull-out faucet has an extendable sprout pipe and can be utilized in the whole hose. Separate sprayers are available when the pipe cannot extend to the whole hose to tackle the complete hose.

Multi-Hole Faucet

Alibaba two, three-, and four-holes faucets are also available. These come with two handles for hot and cold water, and water is mixed near the connection. A bridge faucet is a typical multi-hole faucet with a very eye-catching layout. It comes with a separate sprayer.

Height of Sprout

You need to consider the sprout’s size based on the height of your sink and the work nature of your sink so that neither water splashes on it nor hinders your working.


Your design choice primarily depends upon the size of your kitchen and sink. So does the choice of installation.

Wall Mounted Installation

Suppose you have a small studio apartment with only a counter in the name of kitchen or have a small sink because of space constraints or design specifications. You are more likely to go for wall-mounted installation. Choose a simple, stylish design from to optimize the use of this space.


When you have no space constraints, you will likely go for deck-mounted installation. That has a sophisticated, extended layout to complement your kitchen décor.


  • Brushed Nickel is durable and easy to maintain.
  • Copper Finish provides an artistic and more aesthetic look. The amazing thing about copper is it never gets old.
  • Chrome is the trendiest and comes with a huge number of options
  • Stain-Less Steel is still the most durable, and in-demand finish among all


The right kitchen faucet is a mix of the right decisions about all the above features. You can find a wide variety and huge collections easily on Alibaba.


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